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Top tips on getting that coveted five star review

Not only does it work as a sales boost, but a glowing five star review can push your site up the search engine result pages, leading to more organic visitors and less of a need for advertising spend to drive those clicks. But many companies know just how hard it can be to please a customer.

Five key tips on how to achieve that”five star review

(1)?Give great service: Whether you are selling luxury cars or a bag of chips, it’s the service that wins those extra stars. When customers enter into a transaction, they aren?t looking to criticise you they want you to reaffirm their decision that you’re the best supplier for them. This means their favour is already with you, so all you need to do is deliver to the very best of your ability and make sure they feel well looked after at every step.

(2)Ask for feedback: It sounds simple, but be sure to prompt your customers and encourage them to leave a review. This not only reminds them at a critical time, but it also shows them that you really value their feedback. Don?t worry about cherry-picking the best customers, 80?per cent?of feedback left is positive, so the more the merrier!

(3)?Protect yourself from nasty tactics: Companies have recently begun to notice a trend of false reviews, usually left by competing businesses in order to knock them down a peg, or to put themselves ahead. Amazon recently took more than a thousand fake reviewers to court because they were offering to write reviews for a fee. This can be really dangerous and damaging to a company’s reputation, entirely unfairly. By ensuring you use an invite-only process that only asks for feedback from genuine customers, you can minimise your risk and protect the integrity of your reviews.

(4)?Don?t just aim for a five’star review: Of course this is what you’re striving for, but don’t let it blind you to your other reviews or tempt you into the grey area of writing fake reviews yourself! Many people actually suspect reviews to be fake in they don’t see any negatives. It’s therefore most effective to have a positive mix of reviews. Stay genuine, and appreciate all the feedback you get.

(5)Listen to the negatives: Getting a bad review is never going to be a pleasant experience for any business owner, and it’s horrible to feel like you’ve let a customer down. Having said that, negative reviews are a fantastic opportunity to understand where you can make improvements, to make sure it’s a better experience next time. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to respond to the customer, to resolve any issues and turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Andrew Mabbuttis CEO of ratings and review company

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