Top tips to maximise your LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for working professionals; just under half of us check-in daily. While it has long been recognised as a great way to promote your career, it’s also a powerful tool to promote your business. Most organisations have some sort of presence on LinkedIn. Yet, many underestimate its power when it comes to promoting and growing their organisations.

LinkedIn has increasingly become an important element of the marketing mix, but to make LinkedIn work you need to put in the time building relationships and influence. 

Your company profile is the place to start. Since the main goal for your company is to be found, it’s crucial your business page is up to-date, relevant and engaging. 

Be sure simple things like company logo, cover image and the summary of your organisation are all up to date with the topline information those searching for your organisation want to know.

Once you have this in place, you can begin posting. The most important thing is content. Conversations are constantly taking place on LinkedIn, if you want to be part of it you need to be posting consistently.

There are several things worth sharing on your company page:

  •  Company material, including blog posts, videos, slideshare decks, presentations, etc. This could be anything you have produced internally which will be relevant and interesting to your audience. This also includes updates from your business such as new products and job vacancies. 
  • External articles posting industry relevant articles which you have a company point of view on, or where you can provide additional insight and value to your followers, will increase the chances of your company been seen as a go-to-source for the latest news in your industry.
But it’s not enough to just share this information you want people to engage with it. Ideally, your followers will respond and share their thoughts. 

However, people can often be reluctant to offer opinion online. Most organisations fail to make use of their internal thought leaders your colleagues! These are your expert spokespeople who know the business and the market better than anyone. They should act as the catalysts for conversations, as well as being the first point of call for responses to comments by others.

Engaging your followers is crucial, if someone leaves a comment under an update be sure to offer a response. This helps boost user engagement, keeping people on your page for longer. As well as increasing the likelihood further discussions will take place around other updates.

Its also worth keeping an eye on clients and potential clients pages; liking and commenting on updates when the opportunity arises. Not only is this a great way of engaging with connections you already have, you might even gain a few new followers.

When it comes to gaining new followers it’s important to remember organic growth takes time. Your company page isnt going to go from nought to 100 followers in a day. 

You can however speed things along with a targeted recruitment drive. Most users on LinkedIn have over 300+ first-degree connections. A good proportion of these connections will be interested in the content you are posting on your company page. Moreover, it’s really easy to invite them to become a follower by downloading their contact details and sending them an invite email.

Its also important not to neglect your product and services and careers tabs. Your products and services tab is your sales section, this is where you can list the services and products you offer. The first product listed should be the most important as this will also appear on the sidebar of your homepage. While your careers tab is where you can list any current vacancies and seek applications.

Your LinkedIn profile is the best piece of marketing which never sleeps and the best way to engage one on one with the people you’re trying to reach.

Keith Millar is a consultant at CHA.

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