Top TV commercials through the ages: Meerkats, cigars, robots and toothpaste

Earlier this week the 60th anniversary of the first television advert was celebrated. Companies have long used the forum over the decades to build existing and new brands, utilising the schedules to ensure maximum impact amongst the viewing public.

Real Business takes a look at some of the most memorable business TV ads since the 1950s.

(1) 2000s to present:?

One of the stand-out adverts from this period is the campaign starring Russian aristocratic meerkat Aleksandr Orlov. Frustrated that is being confused with his own website, the puppet stresses to viewers the ?Simples? difference in the two names.

Use of humour was very important in this ad, with also benefiting from a merchandised range of cuddly toys based on the characters.

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(2) 1980?s to 2000?s:?

?”Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet” was the tagline for a series of Hamlet adverts, with perhaps one of the most memorable known as “Baldy Man”.?

Scottish actor Gregor Fisher, later to win fame as Rab C Nesbitt, sits in a photobooth with a Bobby Charlton-style combover. He fails to get a good picture with the camera flash going off at the most inopportune moments such as a strand of hair crossing his face or his stool falling down.?Eventually he gives up choosing to relax with a cigar instead.?

Again a humorous advert, but time was soon catching up with the industry with ads from big tobacco firms being banned on TV from 1991.

Visit page two to find out about clever adverts from before the 1980s.

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