Top TV commercials through the ages: Meerkats, cigars, robots and toothpaste

(3) 1960s to 1980s:

Cadbury?s instant “Smash” saw a group of talking robotic martians laugh at the practices of ?primitive? humans who spend so much time peeling, boiling and then smashing potatoes instead of just using instant smash.

It succeeds despite the watching public being disparaged for their timewasting habits.

Some of the most creative

(4) Before the 1960s:

Launched on ITV in 1955, the first ever British advert featured the logo ?It?s Tingling Fresh?, with memorable lines including “fresh as ice” and “white as snow”. 

A toothbrush and a tube of Gibbs SR toothpaste are encased in a block of ice inside a bubbling icy brook. A model shows how to brush vigorously and then a bar chart warns the viewers about the dangers of gum disease and how it is the biggest cause of tooth loss. 

Good use of imagery and a strong public information message about teeth brushing. Very much an advert and message of its time.

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