Training, travels and traumatic rows

Mid week and trying not to make any wild judgement calls, not least because building work still taking its toll (three more days to go of major work).

My son will be staying with me for one week before he is off on his indefinite world travels and a) want to enjoy that and b) will want to settle myself into a fairly calm life once he’s gone and find my feet again. On plus side, have at long, long last started proper one-to-one training with sales force, which have been dying to get teeth into for months now. It’s badly needed (no disrespect to them, they simply haven’t had enough) and rewarding for me (job satisfaction has been decidedly scant in recent times).  On minus side, already feel totally drained and browbeaten. Put everything I have got into a motivational, positive start with Second-in-Charge. But, in the past ten days, we’ve had three blinding rows. Just cannot continue happening this year. Hopeless for him, hopeless for me and hopeless for business. Still don’t know what really sets us off or how to stop it. Just know it has to stop. Suggestions all immensely welcome!

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