Transforming business with remote monitoring

Effective operations

Business owners and managers are always looking for new solutions to make their companies as competitive as possible and in today?s IT dominated market, a fast and efficient network is essential for an organisation of any size to remain viable. With many businesses facing limited resources and a real shortage of talented IT personnel, remote monitoring presents an effective solution that minimises their efforts and expenditures to achieve the desired results, and most importantly, reduces costly network downtime.?

Save time and increase efficiency

Remote monitoring increases overall efficiency by saving time and reducing expenditures so that organisations can put their valuable resources elsewhere instead of manually tracking and compiling an inventory of a company?s IT assets. With automated IT asset tracking software, all monitored computers in a network become visible in a single central console, providing organisations with real-time information they need in just a few clicks of a mouse, saving IT administrators weeks of intensive work. Additionally, with remote monitoring, teams can share potential problems to address issues, resulting in better efficiencies and improved accuracy.?

Receive proactive maintenance and early detection

One of the most important benefits of remote monitoring is that it can be done 24/7 and send an alert any time of the day so that irregularities in the network can be addressed immediately. Common irregularities and errors include: disc space falls below a defined percentage of free space; Windows updates are turned off; antivirus software is out of date; and Windows firewall is disabled. When an issue arises, remote monitoring sends an alert so that IT administrators are able to take immediate and necessary measures to ensure that the issue does not result in diminished productivity and downtime. Without remote monitoring, an issue might go unnoticed for days or weeks, resulting in a costly and large-scale problem.

Gain essential insights

Remote monitoring can provide organisations with essential insights to the overall health of their network and areas that need improvement, saving a company?s IT administrator countless hours and resulting in a quick resolution of network issues to avoid costly downtime. Additionally, because remote monitoring checks the network 24/7, organisations automatically receive information on all IT assets, such as patches, updates, and hardware upgrades, the database is automatically updated, and important business applications are always tracked.

Minimise business disruption

No network is perfect, and when a problem arises, it needs to be addressed immediately and in the right way. Downtime can cost thousands of pounds each day and result in customers changing vendors. With around-the-clock remote monitoring, companies can fix their network issues as soon as they arise, anytime, anywhere, and improve overall customer service.?

While technology disruptions can come in many forms, what is clearly evident is that those companies with remote monitoring in place can ensure that their networks are up-to-date, effectively reducing downtime and loss in productivity. While remote monitoring can be applied to many industries of any size, it is a particularly effective solution for small to mid-sized companies, and the overall health and security of their IT systems by ensuring that even the smallest problem is detected and fixed immediately.

Kornelius Brunner is head of Product Management at TeamViewer GmbH

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