Transparent prices mean more sales

Mullins says despite the economic downturn, his £14m business is still busy because it offers guarantees to customers such as fixed rates. The rates are advertised on the company’s website.

“Our charges are very transparent,” Mullins says. “People are made aware of them. They look at the rates on our website and I think that takes a bit of uncertainty out of it. A lot of industries are reluctant to show their charges, but we’ve done it for a number of years now.”

Mullins believes all businesses should be as up-front about the cost of their services as Pimlico Plumbers is because customers have become more discerning.

Mullins says: “They want the engineer to do more, and they won’t put up with wasted time and being charged unnecessarily. They want value for money. Whether that’s because of financial reasons or programmes on the television showing plumbers and other people ripping everyone off, it’s changed over a number of years. People want more.”

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