Trick or treat” Frighteningly creative Halloween marketing campaigns

Airbnb Halloween marketing campaigns 2016

(3) Burger King

Burger King Halloween marketing campaigns 2016
This isn’t the first time Burger King has taken aim at McDonald’s
No, this isn’t anything to do with Burger King’s creepy mascot, although that in itself is quite the horror story.

Turns out there’s quite the beef I?m not sorry between Burger King and McDonald’s, which have crossed paths previously.

Remember when Burger King suggested they stop fighting as part of Peace Day 2015 to create the McWhopper? It was met with a good telling off from McDonald’s CEO Easterbrook.

Not one to run scared, however, Burger King decided to have some more bun fun with its fast food foe with its Halloween costume.

Keep your eyes open from another angry status from Easterbook over the weekend.

Find out how the beverage firm on the next page crept into the rundown of top Halloween marketing campaigns.

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