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Tried and tested measures to prevent business burnout

Focus your attention fully

Learning how to switch off your thoughts is a valuable tool for business owners. That’s because doing so means you can “recharge” your brain, giving you clarity and a sharpness to tackle issues which may have been getting on top of you.

Great ways to do this is to practice meditation, engage in a session or two of yoga, tai chi, pilates or an adrenalin sport which requires 100 per cent concentration such as rock climbing.

Appreciate an alternative activity

Everyone needs to switch off whether that’s with the family, friends or becoming immersed in a hobby or activity they love. If your business requires a lot of mental energy then chose a hobby which involves working with your hands such as some form of craft activity.

You can double the benefits by learning how to make healthy salads and soups with which to replace processed foods. Work with your hands” Then playing chess, doing crosswords or indulging yourself in some other cerebral activity would do it.

Mental health is biggest threat to staff so help do something about it

Establish a morning routine

Getting used to a routine makes doing the above easier. For instance, try to have your smoothie at the same time every morning. Get up at the same time every morning too an hour earlier than you need to – so that you can spend that time nourishing your mind and soul.

This could be by reading a book, watching a comedy on YouTube or doing some stretching exercises, and which will set you up well for the day ahead. It an hour is too difficult to do at once try getting up in 15-minute phases until 60 minutes earlier is easy.

Create an evening routine too

Evenings are a good time to set up a routine too. That means switching off email, the computer and even the TV for a set period and fully focusing on what you want to do, such as learning a language, crocheting, dancing, or even spending some time out with your dog or cat.

The main point being that it’s time dedicated to doing your own personal stuff. This will help you switch off and start afresh the following morning.

Dominica Roszko is a nutrition and well-being specialist, and the founder of, a site dedicated to healthy living.

Arianna Huffington has left her eponymous website The Huffington Post to focus on her ?wellbeing and productivity” startup Thrive Global, which poses a question: Why?

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