Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Despite all our efforts post redundancy/restructure, nothing has changed. Everyone has sunk into sloth, apathy and arrogance (my absolute favourite!).

Don’t any of my work force read a newspaper, I wonder?

Had our first line-managers meeting since the restructure this morning. Four slightly nervous but complacent males entered a room and left half an hour later looking like rabbits caught in full beam. All of them claimed later that they had loads of good ideas but, somehow, all 5ft 5in of me had terrified those big, strong men into silence!

When we recruited for these positions, we decided to try the best candidates from in-house. We were aware that success with all four might be lucky. Three out of the four have at least got previous management experience. All of them heard and indeed applauded our new values put out post-restructure. Yet, none of them were able to repeat one teeny little value when pressed – and all looked completely stunned by the mention of strange little words like "accountability" or "involvement". No wonder my production manager is having problems.

Positive, positive, positive thinking. Let’s hope our training programme works miracles!

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