Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Radio interview with BBC Suffolk booked in for first thing this morning. Being a breakfast programme, I opted to be telephoned at home so that I could multi-task a bit more freely.

Rose early in order to chuck together a casserole for friends coming round this evening and do my reiki exercises before the call. Not the best of starts. My bunged-up sink had disgorged its contents all over the patio outside my kitchen and bits of stuck casserole were being trampeled into the house via my dog’s feet.

I was still surveying the resultant chaos when the telephone went. I was – as is the way of these things – put on hold while waiting for the presenter who was due to do a “credit busting interview “ with me.

Totally amazed to find that rather than listening to usual music, I was keyed into deep and meaningful conversation as to whether the more intelligent the women, the more orgasms they have. So amazed by this raciness of BBC Suffolk at breakfast time, I start to panic and wonder if I’m on the wrong programme.

The presenter does a lightening change of pace and is suddenly discussing my career, by which time I’m totally confused and lucky to get a word out.

Not the calmest start to day. What will the rest bring?

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