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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

As requested, the three of us in senior management duly put our pieces of paper up on the wall for staff to write on, having written our chosen best qualities in a central circle.  We explained to the line managers that this exercise had been set by our coach, was important, and that they needed to get their staff to write our qualities as they perceived them on the outer area.

After lunch on Thursday, we three collected same. Despite having talked to them, the half the shop floor staff who had bothered to put anything at all did not even include all the line managers themselves even. One or two in the office had made a gallant attempt to actually do as asked. The rest had had ignored the purpose. Some used it as a complaint form on any subject from us being too stressed, not smiling enough or not being available when we were in other meetings. I suppose the remaining puerile, schoolboy comments we got were unsurprising but the viciousness and unjustness of some of the personal attacks left us reeling. Shockingly, authors included supposedly fairly senior, supposedly intelligent men.

The line managers should have overseen them and where needs be, prevented the nastier comments reaching anyone’s sight. Actually, they just should have bothered. As it is, after an Easter of brooding, a previously liberal, staff-loving management has turned into a hardened right wing dictatorship vowing never to bother with staff again. Was this really what coach intended   



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