Tuesday, 14 July 2009

1 Mins

Swine flu hits the town. Sixty-four cases in the town already which seems disproportionally high to me considering the national average. Had atrocious night’s sleep due to police helicopters overhead – still no idea why as police, when I rang them, refused to comment – but after about two hours of uninterrupted sleep, am greeted by telephone and news that one employee’s wife and child are already down with the disease. Am hopeless on no sleep and am eternally grateful to left hand – who is proving yet again just why he deserves his rapid promotion – for having done all the right things without me, from stepping up cleaning rotas, ordering heavy duty alcohol wipes, restricting smoking areas and giving brief pep talk to staff. Absolute star. That notwithstanding, can see that for overstretched businesses on skeletal staff to survive a recession, this is going to be a complete nightmare to manage at best. 

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