Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cannot run away from chaos forever!  Yesterday was a bit of a disaster with the break-in, a session with business coach in morning and trying to keep staff in gainful employment in the heat and without tools to work with.

Horribly aware that problems were mounting but for rare moment just decamped somewhat tearfully to pub garden. Just as well as had to face telephone call from right hand in evening to confirm worst fears that he still will not be back this week. Hit ground running this morning, however, as did left hand. Line manager of woodwork and spray shop both got severe fleas in ears for inadequate work. Problems in quality mounting and new logistics person – while potentially very good – is still suffering from fatal flaw of saying everything is fine, rather than admit to not be coping. 

On top of that, dear person back from her maternity leave still not speaking to anyone having not been allowed unlimited holiday and making more mistakes than my dog Pete would through the accounts. Left hand roaming shop floor screaming abuse, leaving me to do clear up/teaching session with transport, and eye up accounts department and make some decisions. Woe betide anyone who displeases either of us today! 

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