Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Recruitment ad in for three jobs at the end of last week and now drowned out with CVs, in particular for the sales and customer service administrator. 

Meanwhile, local job centre rings me regarding the one of three they have had for nearly a month and assures me that it is a very quiet time in recruitment – funny that, had read in the paper that there were quite a lot of people unemployed!   Ploughed through CVs all weekend, using a strict scoring system, which reduces the pile rapidly as a good half have applied on a wing and a prayer rather than actually having the skills or experience we stipulated. Then gave each applicant a set time to ring me and tell me why the job appealed. This was to test both phone manner and reliability.   Out of some ten shortlisted candidates, only five managed to ring and one of those five hours late because they had “gone out without their mobile”. Worryingly, the three strongest applicants all come from a good hour’s drive away.  All are very keen and motivated.  Sadly says little for local potential.  Must be some good ones out there – where are you all?!!

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