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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Having a scramble through where we have got to on next year’s designs and feel fairly disappointed to date. Not sure how much it is my own tiredness and lack of enthusiasm coming through or lack of communication between myself and those involved. In the past, designing new pieces has been a hugely enjoyable and creative process, involving long chats and extremely rough sketches being passed back and forth across the table between myself and a couple of the more inventive of the cabinet makers.

Currently, we have a situation where a company has happily set itself up and running on a selection of our designs and we appear fairly powerless to stop it.  In an effort to have records to prevent this from happening again and to be more systemised, I’ve drawn up a design development programme whereby the cutters have virtual total control of the designs, the more artsy of the makers have had no input and I haven’t got to see anything until the finished articles, none of which have turned out very well. 

Before even reaching design detail, situation has not been helped by the cutters having no grasp of the basic rules of design proportion. Even the upholsterer – despite already having had two attempts – seems to be unable to make a stool top that covers the top of the stool. 

Dire – now way, way behind schedule. Doesn’t speak well for “progress”.



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