Tuesday, 26 May 2009

He came in moderately pulled together on principle that he had very important sales meeting in diary. Got his second to check time of arrival and was told that meeting in fact was off till 1st. June. Heaved huge sigh of relief and settled hard into new designs for next year. Left hand being perfect menace as thoroughly over excited about his holiday. He’s not going until middle of next week so might have to kill him by then. Also agitating about having enough time to test and research brochure designs properly – perhaps if everyone else did their jobs, I might have time to do this!  Also being menaced by one of office staff who has got their holiday allowance wrong and seems to think, therefore, will be still ok to take time off and is e-mailing me all day to argue point. Taking break from struggling on all sides with illicit cigarette when low and behold car pulls in behind me with who could only be clients arriving for aforesaid meeting. Have to swing into slightly forgotten sales hat although I quite relished it once I got going – falling off a bicycle type thing really – and the meeting is extremely productive.  Fingers crossed… forthcoming work will considerably improve sales figures for some time to come.  

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