Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wonder if this is connected to natural garrulousness of sales related people being curbed by new style – the underpinning of which is to let those being assessed do 70 per cent to 80 per cent of talking. Think might well be, as left hand having rare fit of nerves and can only assume fish out of water under those circumstances. Right hand – production management – looking smug as now old hand at these, having ploughed through three weeks of them now. Would normally curb smugness but know right hand having much unpleasantness to deal with right now. Has had vile task of removing keys from staff during investigation of incident involving certain employees who he previously trusted.   Nothing more demoralising than having one’s trust abused. Depending on outcome, will have whole repercussions to deal with from legalities to future precedents, not to mention possible strains on workload if staff have to go missing. Meanwhile, he’s getting exhausted simply being there from dawn to dusk, having to police the place.

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