Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Now three and a half weeks to our summer shut-down week which also heralds my right hand/head of sales departing for his travels. Thanks to being messed around by applicants, have still a team of one – as yet untrained – line manager to take over, with nil staff below him, which doesn’t exactly look good for the autumn. Have two more applicants to see today and then know I have to go with some decision or other and just make it work.

In the meantime, am working silly hours on teaching myself the “proper” ways of doing things in order to pass on to left hand who will gradually have to take on role of my second. Being of the accidental entrepreneur breed – ie: entire career came about unplanned and untrained, might have wealth of experience but nil technicalities and am anxious to progress his career in a slightly more formalised manner. 

However, more I read, the more ignorant I feel and the more I want to go back to start all over again and do things properly!

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