Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Knackered as have been up half the night but on total roll and it’s so exciting to feel motivated about business and inspired about the future again. 

Really productive meeting with left hand most of yesterday, setting new goals and strategic plans for the future now getting head round right hand/son leaving to do his own thing. This has, inevitably, required a tremendous shift of perspective. All done now, though, and suddenly feel excited about my own life and future again.   Up most of night totally re-writing our business plan. Have by no means solved all the problems – and woodwork productivity and uselessness of line managers, which is particularly holding us back, is still on agenda for today. Am also aware that what I had planned for a quiet July and August now looks like work, work and more work 24/7, and will have to be extremely careful not to fall into usual trap of burnout.   However, while future may not look 100 per cent clear, it suddenly looks rosy!

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