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Turn your boring office into a productive playground

While in certain industries this wouldnt be appropriate, for many office-based companies that rely on the performance of their people, features such as these are a great way to drive staff performance and improve morale in the workplace.

Taking a different creative approach to HR can drastically change your company ethos and the bottom line of your business. These innovative perks and benefits are a fantastic way of demonstrating your appreciation to your team. And if your team feels valued, then they are more likely to be productive and profitable to your company. 

Providing generous perks may seem like an expensive way of showing your appreciation, but there are simple (and more cost-effective) ways of showing your gratitude. 

Creating a workspace that inspires staff and makes everyone that little bit more excited to turn up for work every morning can make all the difference. Happy employees = happy customers. 

The formula to nurturing a successful employee is to ensure that they are in the right job, in the right environment and alongside the right people. 

Before beginning this process, employers need to understand that office life has changed in recent years, and the way workers engage with one another has evolved, to the point where the traditional setup of someone sitting at their desk, for some businesses at least, is not the most effective. 

The barriers between working life and social life have eroded and the HR department must strive to make sure that people can bring their whole self to work. The objective should be to create a space where people can do their best work, achieve their potential and have fun (when appropriate of course).

With the arrival of new generations into the workplace, employers have to think of new ways to ensure that the culture of the office suits all staff members. Creating an inspiring and engaging environment is critical to helping teams to work effectively and add value to the business. 

Investing in staff happiness will ultimately motivate their spirits at work and in turn increase business profitability. A simple act like changing a meeting room to a lounge room can loosen the hierarchy in an organisation, promote worker confidence and encourage staff to voice their opinions. Given the amount of time that people spend at work is likely far more than they have available in their leisure time, it is essential to create an engaging atmosphere.

In the modern world, it’s now debatable whether employees really need a desk. We all have smartphones, laptops and email, so the reality is that people can work from anywhere. Given the option most workers would probably rather be walking around playing a spot of golf whilst on a conference call, rather than stuck behind their desk staring at their computer screen. 

The method isnt as mad as it may sound; rather it encourages creativity and innovation. It is also essential to create zones in the office where people can find quiet time and recharge their batteries.

Its these unusual perks that will engage your employees and make them feel valued. People who feel happy and motivated in their job will unquestionably be more productive and therefore help your business to enjoy more success. 

A successful organisation isnt one that takes itself too seriously, and a sense of humour and personality are key factors. After all, who wouldnt love to work in a place where no-one dreads Monday mornings

Helen Ives is VP of people at PEER 1 Hosting.


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