Turning water into gold

Business Stream, the commercial arm of Scottish Water, has signed a three-year deal under which it will offer services to each of the 6 central government agencies and 62 colleges and universities under a single pricing structure.

The contract was awarded by Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), who led the EU-wide competitive tender process.

“This is a great win for us and we’re delighted to have been appointed by APUC,” says Mark Powles, chief exec of Business Stream.

Powles attributes the massive £45m win to the company’s customer-centric focus: “Over the last two years we’ve focused on combining our experience of providing water with a commitment to customer service,” he says. “Our market offering is very strong and we were pleased to be able to show that during this tender.”

“Water services shouldn’t begin and end with turning on a tap; there are a host of ways in which organisations can manage their financial and environmental performance.”

Just a drop in the ocean? Not so.

Business Stream won the people and performance award at Real Business’s Growing Business Awards last year, in recognition of its commitment to keeping its staff happy. There is a theory that happier staff usually translates into happier customers – maybe this big win helps prove it?


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