Twitter advertising now available for UK SMEs

Until recently advertising on the site worked on an invitation-only basis, but it was made available to smaller users in the US in April.

You will now be able to advertise your business using Promoted Profiles, which are highlighted for users to follow, and Promoted Tweets, which will appear in their timelines.

You will have the option to target ads against consumers you most want to reach ? by prioritising ad delivery to users with particular keywords in their timelines and who follow certain accounts, as well as by location and gender.

You also have the option to target users similar to those already following you.

It’s fairly risk-free to start out experimenting with social media advertising on both Facebook and Twitter ? prices start small and with Twitter you only pay per click, retweet or follow.

Twitter is partnering with O2 to launch a social insights tool which they say will help SMEs improve the effectiveness of social media campaigns. 

Eligible businesses which sign up for the O2 Social Media League will be eligible for ?50 of Twitter advertising credit. 

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Image source: Copyright Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc.

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