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Twitter least effective customer service channel for UK brands

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The Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study revealed that consumers were more likely to get accurate answers via email then Twitter, with over 40 per cent of companies successfully responding to email.

However, getting a response via email took an average of three days, compared to just over eight hours for Twitter.

Olivier Njamfa, CEO, Eptica said: “The web, email and social media are fast becoming the channels of choice for consumers, yet the biggest brands in the country are struggling to cope.

“In particular, when it comes to Twitter companies are playing a dangerous game by establishing a presence and then failing to engage with customers. This could well backfire, leading to negative feedback spreading through the social network and damaging their overall brand.”

Fashion retailers were found to be the most successful at answering questions via their web sites (79 per cent) compared to only 52 per cent of entertainment and electronics retailers. 

The final channel surveyed was web chat which provided the greatest accuracy and fastest response, with an average conversation time of four minutes. However, only 7 per cent of companies offered reactive chat.

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