Twitter reveals humorous side of the Budget 2015 spectacle

We rounded up the funniest tweets we could find.

An odd phenomenon took place during the Budget. The nation seemed to be involved in something called Budget Bingo.

Of course, the word kitchen was one of the most used words of the day. And oddly enough, it coincides with Budget Bingo. Cameron’s decision to go with a “two kitchens joke” at the expense of Ed Miliband triggered the biggest payout in the history of Ladbrokes’ buzzword bingo market, hitting 20,000.

“We’ll have definitely paid for a few additional kitchens thanks to the chancellor’s speech,” said Ladbrokes’ Matthew Shaddick.

To say the least, the day was dotted with some relatively odd observations.

Read more about the humorous side of Parliament:

Osborne was also compared to several TV characters, including Mr Burns from The Simpsons and Mr Bean, carrying a similar briefcase.

That wasn’t the only reference made to his briefcase:

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