Two fifths of online shoppers find retargeted adverts annoying

The survey of 500 consumers from ecommerce firm Apptus found that more than half (54 per cent) would choose to buy from a less favoured brand just because they preferred the online shopping experience and almost two thirds are more likely to shop with a website that “remembers” them.

Retargeted ads, which follow shoppers around the web via network advertising, are a growing trend, but the research found that just 21 per cent of shoppers find them useful and 41 per cent find them annoying.

Other key findings include:

  • 14 per cent of consumers shop online every day, and 31 per cent do so once a week
  • 59 per cent of shoppers say they shop more online now than they did twelve months ago
  • 18-30 year olds are particularly likely to ‘abandon’ a purchase due to frustration with the shopping process
  • Amazon is unsurprisingly the UK’s most popular online store. Among traditional retailers, shoppers said Tesco, Argos and M&S had the best online offering
Other stats released today by PwC projected that the UK market for digital video advertising will grow by almost a quarter annually for the next five years, and that mobile advertising will increase by 17 per cent annually, to reach £2.2bn by 2018.

Phil Stokes, entertainment and media lead partner at PwC, said: “Mobile advertising revenue is expected to outstrip consumer magazine advertising revenue very rapidly.

“Social networks and messaging services, which themselves are intrinsically mobile, will contribute much of this growth in the future.”

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