The typical working day of nine successful business leaders

Typical working day

Natasha Bowes, CEO and Founder of Bio-tiful Dairy

Natasha Bowes, CEO and Founder of Bio-tiful DairyWhat time do you get up, and why

I get up every morning at?6:30am to ensure I am in the office by?8am,And then off to a lunch-time gym session by £12:30pm.

What do you like to do with your time between getting up and leaving for the office ?

It is quite regimented and must be efficient. I have a quick morning exercise, then I shower, have a green Kefir super smoothie, get ready and finally I walk to the office (15-20 minutes, depending on the height of my heels that day).

How glued to technology are you in the morning

Before I leave the house I read the business news and weather forecast only.

How do you break up a typical working day, what do you find is important

My not-so-secret weapon of mass efficiency is my lunch time gym session of high-intensity training, which gives me a burst of energy and breaks up the day.

What unusual quirks do you have to ensure you’re productive and efficient

A good diet is very important. I eat naturally with lots of vegetables and protein-rich food, as well as Kefir before bed to help my digestion. I don’t drink any alcohol.

What personal time do you like to set aside, and why

Saturdays are “my” days. It is a much needed opportunity to re-charge after a business week with the help of tennis, massage, beauty treatments and of course a bit of socialising.

What tools (technological or otherwise) are useful for you?

Technology is extremely useful, but I find nothing is quite as important as planning and listening.

How do you try and switch off in the evening, if at all?

My rule for switching off is no computer screens after?9pm?(almost), and then I call my best friend which helps me unwind.

What is your one mantra for a good work/life balance

Positivity, focus and thoughtfulness.

If you could swap days with one person who would it be

It would be Elon Musk to have a go at running three businesses and planning my trip to Mars!

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