The typical working day of nine successful business leaders

Typical working day

Sara Tye, founder and MD of redheadPR and CEO of Etape Suisse

What time do you get up, and why?

I get up at different times. Mainly really early to network at breakfast, sort out my two daughters and do some sort of exercise for my triathlon training.

What do you like to do with your time between getting up and leaving for the office

Listen to a Blink from blinkist, get the girls to school, sort out any emails.

How glued to technology are you in the morning?

I?m not over the top about it, but I do use to start managing my day as soon I get up. It’s now integral to my life.

How do you break up a typical working day, what do you find is important?

I batch my emailing one hour here and one hour there. I then stop and do some paperwork, consult on PR or write a proposal.

What unusual quirks do you have to ensure you’re productive and efficient?

Managing my time is crucial. So, if I open something or pick up the paperwork then I do it there and then. My Outlook is crucial and I manage a lot through that, with the diary being the most important. When you are an entrepreneur with a large portfolio you have to be truly organised.

What personal time do you like to set aside, and why?

I set aside an hour to an hour and a half in the evening for prepping the meal with my daughters. I also make sure I spend a little time with them at bedtime.

I train for the Ironman?middle distance triathlon so I have to train everyday. I like my blinks on the phone (audio stories) as I always learn something.

What tools (technological or otherwise) are useful for you?

My iPhone 6s has large screen and I can work off that. After that, my MacBook iseasy to carry to meetings and my headphones are becoming more and more useful.

How do you try and switch off in the evening, if at all?

I like to do 15 minutes of stretching. I sometimes don’t manage it, but because of the training it doesn’t take me long to switch off. Plus, as I?m so organised in the day, all the work is proactively dealt with so we very rarely have to worry about something.

What is your one mantra for a good work/life balance

Stay fit and healthy, be relentless at what you do in order to achieve success. If you do all this then you have to have a work life balance or you can’t fit it in.

If you could swap days with one person who would it be

The Queen. Just for the experience.

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