UK airline Jet2 surprises 180 passengers with personalised gifts upon arrival home

The sudden and unexpected treat came as the British Bradford-based business embraced International Random Acts of Kindness Week, which ran from 9 ? 13 February.

The mission to complete a delivery personalised goodies to its customers started during check-in by asking the customers what they had most missed about home when they were overseas.

Meanwhile during the flight home, had staff on the ground back in the UK sourcing and wrapping the items for discovery on the luggage carousel upon arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport in a window of just three hours.

Tea gift sets and pet-pampering gift vouchers were among the presents awaiting the holidaymakers, with confessions they missed a British cup of tea while others missed their dogs.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays, said: ?We want to make holidays as memorable as possible and our friendly service doesn?t stop when people arrive back home. While it is our aim to ensure people holiday happy, we realise there are often things they miss from home when away. What better way to bring a smile to their face than with an extra special welcome home gift?

?Seeing the faces of the passengers as they spotted the gifts was heartwarming. And kindness can be contagious ? so we?re hoping this will have a ripple effect ? in fact the best acts of #Jet2kindness which have come to our attention this week will receive free flights.?

Read more surreal business: surveyed an additional 1,000 members of the public to see what they missed when abroad, and the top ten is as follows:

1. ? Own bed ? 52 per cent

2. ? Pets ?? 32 per cent

3. ? Family & friends ? 25 per cent

4. ? A good cup of tea ? 23 per cent

5. ? TV ? 18 per cent

6. ? Bathroom ? 16 per cent

7. ? British food ? 14 per cent

8. ? Nothing at all ? 14 per cent

9. ? British Weather ? three per cent

10. Food ? three per cent

Men were most likely to miss nothing, while women were found to miss their family, friends and pets.

Newlyweds and honeymooners Mr and Mrs Coupe, said: ?We couldn?t believe it when we got to the luggage carousel and all these gifts were there before our bags, it was so unexpected, we?re just thrilled with ours presents.

?You?re always a little bit sad coming back from holiday, and even more so from honeymoon, so this brightened us all up no end. In the true spirit of Random Acts of Kindness, we?ll have to go forward and pass it on now.?

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