UK billionaires that didn?t need a degree to achieve vast wealth

UK billionaires

The research on UK billionaires comes via business advice service Informi ahead of the A-Level results being released on Thursday 17 August.

Using findings from the Forbes rich list 2017, UK billionaires have been highlighted, perhaps in the hope of calming the nerves of youngsters that fear poor grades.

Indeed, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins has been keen to shout down the university establishment on many opportunities. He even suggested recently that the universities are brainwashing young people.

?So few young people in the UK end up taking on vocational training courses that will lead directly to jobs, incurring no student debt, and others go to university, rack up an average of ?57,500 in loans, and still have no guaranteed employment,? said Mullins.

?I suspect the brainwashing of the ?university at all costs? mantra, coupled with the lack of credibility and investment given to vocational training, will have played a part.?

According to the findings broken down by Informi, there are 13 UK billionaires that steered clear of degrees on the list, with their overall fortune amounting ?45.5bn.


The top five names alone take the bulk of the fortune, generating ?28bn between them. Heading the ranking of UK billionaires are David and Simon Reuben with a ?12bn pot generated by real estate and metals.

Richard Branson, who wrote exclusively for Real Business just last week, is fourth on the list with a ?3.9bn pot, while controversial Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley is in tenth with a ?2bn fortune.

Darren Nicholls, product manager for Informi, said: ?For those students nervously awaiting their A-Level results this week, and those who will be receiving their GCSE results the week after, this list demonstrates that some of the UK?s most successful and inspiring business individuals have gained financial success without having gone down the university route first.

?There?s no doubt that higher education can help many people into their career of choice. But equally, if you have a great business idea, you may be able to achieve your dreams and aspirations with the help and support of those around you, and by finding the best sources of expert advice to help you on your way.?

See who made the list of ten wealthiest UK billionaires without degrees on the infographic below:Top 10 UK billionaires without a degree infographic[3] copy

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