UK businesses trail US when introducing mobile app projects, says study

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The enterprise app has risen in use in recent years, with large and small businesses alike introducing internal applications to enhance the productivity of staff. Meanwhile, consumer-facing apps are generally created to keep customers engaged and spending.

Businesses surveyed have 250 staff members upwards and a majority 70 per cent of US companies see the opportunity of an app and claim driving new revenue is the main reason for mobile projects. However, this falls to 58 per cent in the UK, according to the data.

The other key goals were to improve the mobile experience of existing apps, at 62 per cent in the US and 54 per cent in the UK – though improving the customer experience was more important to Brits at 54 per cent compared to 50 per cent of Americans.

The seemingly slow uptake in the UK could be due to culture. As reported on Real Business on 17 November, Hiring Hub’s co-founder Simon Swan explained to us there’s “an attitude and culture in the UK when people look at a new proposition and ask why they should use it.”

Buddi managing director Sara Murray agreed, saying “British people are very negative” and “it’s a difficult situation to overcome.”

Following that, the report claims 86 per cent of US companies believe it’s “very important” to make mobility a feature in current and future campaigns compared to 76 per cent in the UK.

The study showed 55 per cent of Americans claimed to have undertaken six and ten new mobile projects over the year, compared to just 32 per cent of Brits.

Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, who sponsored the survey, said: “Employees like – and expect – the same experience they have at work as the one they have at home. The latest Forrester report on mobile app development predicts that consumer and employee demand for innovative mobile experiences will increase in 2015. 

“According to the report, the requirement for innovative mobile experiences will continue to grow next year as mobile platforms, development tools and programming techniques evolve at a similar pace in an attempt to keep up with demand for best-in-class apps that create customers’ mobile moments.”

The two key issues respondents declared are budget with 53 per cent and time at 50 per cent.

Seemingly the appetite for mobility needs to be managed better – 85 per cent of all companies have a backlog of between one and 20 apps to produce, breaking down to 89 per cent and 82 per cent in the US and UK respectively.

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