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A UK businessman in the US on the day of the election result

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When I found out I’d be attending the CFA Annual Convention in Miami on 9 November, I knew immediately that was the day the election result would be announced from the long-awaited US presidential battle.

I won’t deny that, over the past week or so, I have had mixed feelings about the trip. I have been both apprehensive and excited, because this election result has had so much uncertainty. But what a day to be in the US on business.

When I landed, homeland security was as welcoming as normal, which I have to say surprised me. I had expected very long delays.

The night of the election, before the results were announced, the streets were busy with a real split in emotions. People were unsure on which way it was going to go, but there seemed to be more noise coming from the Trump camp as you’d expect, especially as Trump won in Florida.

As the evening progressed to early morning, the crowds died down and less people were out to see the final decision.

The best way I can describe the feeling of the morning after is by comparing it to the day after the Brexit vote. Shock, uncertainty and, yes, some jubilation from those that voted for Trump. Much like the Brexiters, though, I think most of them were still a bit surprised by the election result.

The feeling today, amongst the American business people I am surrounded by, is one of “what happens now?”. I’ve not seen any protests like they?re reporting from New York, Chicago, California and Oregon, which is a relief. Whichever candidate they supported, though, they are still wondering what the change of direction and the implications will be, from a global perspective. Will Trump keep his campaign promises” If he does, how will it affect America and the world

Nobody knows what’s next, except it’s going to be different and they will need to belt up for the ride. Changing times ahead.



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