What the UK general election was REALLY about

Boris victory
Wherever you look the public has emphatically decided to vote to remove from our country all the politicians, pundits and media who have belittled them for so long. Yes, we have had enough of them.

The people have spoken ? about what?

Out, once and for all, from the Conservative party go all those prissy Remainers who said the party has moved away from them. It has indeed.

We no longer want to see on our TV screens the whinging likes of Clark, Heseltine, and Grieve nor indeed crosspatches such as Soubray and Bercow.

Even more gratifying, out go the extraordinary cabal of pantomime Marxists that have infiltrated Her Majesty?s main opposition party.

The labour/lib-dem destruction

These awful characters wanted to turn us into a mini version of what was the Soviet Union. Along the way they had taken on the baggage of that world; a container load of anti-semitism, a blind hatred of anyone and anything to do with business, and a? fanatical belief in ‘the state always knows best’.

The so-called Labour Party now needs to think very carefully who it chooses as its next leader if it wants to be a capable and constructive opposition party in the new parliament, and have a chance of election success in the one after that.

And what a spectacular goodbye to the non-liberal and undemocratic Lib-Dem party under their lost leader, Jo Swinson. This part of the swamp decided to pretend the Referendum never happened by campaigning on the ticket of revoking Article 50. Only the most diehard of Remainers must have thought acceptable whereas, in reality, it left the more coherent of those Remain inclined no one to vote for.

How about the ‘old guard’ media?

Channel 4 has behaved abominably throughout this period.?I expect a wholesale clear out of all their journalists who decided the smart thing to do was to engage in a non-stop vilification of Boris and 17.4 million Leave voters.

Luckily not many people watch this little TV station anymore so it is not that important what happens there next. But the position of the BBC is different.

Yes, unlike C4, they struggled to maintain some sort of balance but, with the honourable exception of Laura Kuenssberg, they failed.

I suggest if they are to have any chance of surviving the onslaught of their new TV rivals, Netflix et all, they need to remove most of their old warhorse commentators and someone in there needs to be brave enough to put an end to the seemingly endless encroachment of left-wing bias.

I am not that hopeful…

As for the traditional press, well Lionel Barber at the FT had already seen which way the wind was blowing and decided to resign his editorship some weeks ago.

One of his last editorials before the election summed up their pathetic old establishment line when he said they could not recommend voting for anyone. ? Could a national newspaper, let alone one that proclaims itself as the UK?s leading financial organ, be more out of tune with the electorate?

Now, to Scotland…

This City Grump would not be complete without discussing the case of Scotland.

Here the SNP have regained their supremacy and, I suppose, their entitlement to campaign hard for another independence referendum. ?? I think Sturgeon?s wish should be granted.

Let the Scots decide if they want to be ruled by the SNP that has proven itself woefully inadequate at governing. Let them see if the EU will grant them independent status with their own currency and no longer the lifeline of financial support from Westminster.

Let the Scots decide if they want a border between themselves and England.

Indeed, a Scottish Referendum would be a fitting finale to the draining of the swamp.

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