UKCES offers ?4m to boost management skills

UKCES research shows that the UK lags behind its international competitors when it comes to management skills. And while the UK?s best firms may be world-leading, “the sad truth is that, generally, management capability in the UK isn?t as good as many other countries, particularly the US,” explains Nigel Whitehead, Group Managing Director of BAE Systems and a Commissioner at UKCES. “Improved management, however, isn?t something that can be imposed on business.”

As the concept is something that needs to start from within, UKCES is making ?4m co-investment available to businesses to help them find innovative and effective ways of working with their networks or supply chains to boost management and leadership capability.  

The competition is open to organisations in the manufacturing, construction, financial and legal sectors, and the UKCES expects to invest up to ?300,000 per successful proposal.

All proposals must be led and partially funded by major businesses, who will work with their supply chains or networks to address issues such as:

  • Raising the capability of leaders and managers to align skills, job design and other workplace practices;
  • Boosting demand for good leadership and management skills; and 
  • Increasing the opportunities for managers to interact with one another and learn from their peers.
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