UK?s 30 top businesses run from home: 1 to 5

Do you really need an office? The instinctive response is ?yes?, but the entrepreneurs behind these 30 businesses run from home beg to differ.

The firms profiled here are homeworking pioneers. Some, such as software firm Actinic, permit homeworking in order to retain employees. Without flexible working, staff would walk out the door. Others, such as WebExpense, are homeworking fanatics and have never looked back.

So why allow homeworking? Here are just some of the reasons cited by the entrepreneurs behind these 30 firms:

  • Improves staff loyalty
  • Reduces office costs
  • Eliminates geographical constraints on finding recruits
  • Offers customers a 24/7 service
  • Increases likelihood of mothers and fathers returning to work
  • Reduces time wasted in meetings
  • Accommodates disabled workers
  • Cuts carbon emissions
It is no coincidence that the fastest-growing law firm, travel agent and secretarial firm in the country are among the 30 firms profiled. The benefits of homeworking are more than ?aesthetic?; in hard, capitalist terms they are winners, too.

What’s stopping you? Discover that no matter which sector you are in, from manufacturing to venture capital, homeworking can be more than a lifestyle benefit ? it can be a competitive advantage.

These are five of the best businesses run from home. Click on them to find out more.

  • OutSec
  • Future Travel
  • Total Marketing Network
  • Izzy Lane
  • Depo Consulting
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UK’s 30 top business run from home: 11 to 15

UK’s 30 top business run from home: 16 to 20

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