Ultimate list of must-follow people on Twitter

I recently discovered Quora, a hot new online Q&A website/community (billed as “the next big thing” by many).

I’ve been playing around with it for a couple weeks, and have been impressed. You ask a question, the community answers. You can vote for what answers you like the most, which boosts them up the answer list.

The calibre of people answering questions has been impressive ? it hasn’t been unusual to see company founders commenting in answers (I’ve spotted Spotify’s Daniel Ek and Dell’s Michael Dell, amongst others).

I thought I’d crowdsource who UK entrepreneurs absolutely must follow on Twitter. Here’s the list!

I’ve hyperlinked everyone’s Twitter handle to their profiles (yes, it took *ages*), and have also added everyone to a must-follow Twitter list, which you can start following the entire list here (this will save you from having to add each person on Twitter individually).

Must-follow entrepreneurs and investors on Twitter (as crowdsourced on Quora):

1. @Acton – Michael Acton Smith, founder of Firebox, Moshi, Mind Candy
2. @AlexRahaman – Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd
3. @AlexVans – Alex van Someren, partner at VC firm Amadeus Capital
4. @AliciaNavarro – Alicia Navarro, founder of Skimlinks.com and Good.ly
5. @AndyChung – Andy Chung, principal at VC firm Lightspeed Venture Partners
6. @Bandrew – Andy McLoughlin, co-founder of Huddle, based in Silicon Valley
7. @Basti – Bastian Lehmann, founder of Curated.by
8. @BindiK – Bindi Karia, runs Microsoft BizSpark (portal for startups)
9. @BIPC – British Library Business & IP Centre, awesome resource for entrepreneurs
10. @BrentHoberman – Brent Hoberman, entrepreneurial legend (Lastminute.com founder)
11. @Brisbourne – Nic Brisbourne, VC at DFJ Esprit
12. @BusinessZone – Online advice for startups
13. @CallyRobson – Cally Robson, great advice for female inventors
14. @Cape – Saul Klein, serial entrepreneur (LoveFilm, Seedcamp) and investor (Index)
15. @CarrynD – Carryn Dewing, chief sub-editor at Real Business
16. @ColetteBallou – Colette Ballou, owner of Ballou PR
17. @Dan_Martin – Dan Martin, editor of BusinessZone.co.uk
18. @DougRichard – Doug Richard, ex-Dragon and founder of School for Startups
19. @DuaneJackson – Duane Jackson, founder of Kashflow
20. @E_Nation – Good if you work from home
21. @FlirtoMark – Mark Curtis, runs Flirtomatic and Fjord
22. @FraserDoherty – Fraser Doherty, founder of SuperJam
23. @Helen_Brown – Helen Brown, founder of CatWalkGenius.com
24. @HermioneWay – Hermione Way, founder of Techfluff.tv and Newspepper.com
25. @IndexBen – Ben Holmes, partner at Index Ventures
26. @Jason – Jason Calacanis, serial entrepreneur and investor
27. @Jkfig – James King, co-founder of Find Invest Grow (FIG)
28. @Jon – Jon Wheatley, founder of Dailybooth, exiled in San Francisco
29. @JosCWhite – Jos White, founder of MessageLabs, Notion Capital
30. @JoshuaMarch – Joshua March, founder of Facebook Garage, Conversocial
31. @KateEPea – Kate Pritchard, managing editor at Real Business
32. @KatyT – Katy Turner, VC at Eden Ventures
33. @KieranO – Kieran O’Neill, founder of Playfire
34. @KingofShaves – Will King, founder of King of Shaves
35. @Langer – David Langer, founder of Groupspaces
36. @Layfield – James Layfield, serial entrepreneur
37 @MAJackson – Michael Jackson (not that one!), VC at Advent Venture Partners
38. @MarthaLaneFox – Martha Lane Fox, UK Gov’t digital champion, founder of Lastminute.com
39. @MSuster – Mark Suster, VC at GRP Partners
40. @NACUE – Support for university entrepreneurs
41. @Nesta_UK – National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, interesting stuff
42. @PMoehring – Philipp Moehring, associate at Seedcamp
43. @Real_Business – Real Business: News, views and advice for entrepreneurs
44. @RealDealsEU – Real Deals, great source for latest VC deals
45. @RichardBranson – Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group
46. @RobertLoch – Robert Loch, founder of YesAndClub
47. @RobinKlein – Robin Klein, serial investor (LoveFilm, Wonga, Moshi, Moo, Graze, etc)
48. @Rsohoni – Reshma Sohoni, tech seed investor
49. @RussellBuckley – Russell Buckley, AdMob evangelist at Google
50. @SetonRog – Sean Seton-Rogers, VC at PROfounders Capital
51. @ShaaWasmund – Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta, social media guru
52. @Sitar – Sitar Teli, VC at Doughty Hanson (investor in SoundCloud)
53. @SmartaHQ – Online business advice for startups
54. @Sparky000 – Rebecca Burn-Callander, deputy editor at Smarta
55. @TheEconomist – Useful updates from The Economist magazine
56. @The_IPO – Intellectual Property Office, good advice
57. @TomAll – Tom Allason, founder of Shutl.co.uk
58. @TomBoardman – Tom Boardman, co-founder of Firebox.com
59. @UnLtd – Support for social entrepreneurs
60. @VMPioneers – Virgin Media Pioneers, good for startups
61. @Will_Dawson – Will Dawson, partner at VC firm Amadeus Capit
62. @Women_Unlimited – Support network for women entrepreneurs
63. @WorkspaceGroup – Easy to find office space for SMEs

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