Uncovered: The most creative ways to embrace the recruitment process

Recruitment process
Better yet, why not shake up the recruitment process by actually throwing them into the office from the get-go. At least that’s what?Erin O?Brien, cultural developer at entertainment company?Gram Games, advocates.

According to O’Brien,?it’s best to have?people jump in, get a look at projects, and share their views and?suggestions.?Most candidates don’t normally expect to get a behind-the-scenes-glimpse. However, this subtle tweak has worked well for the company, ensuring potential staff gain?trust in colleagues early on. This method is most likely?to foster a sense of loyalty ? and eradicate the possibility?of graduate gazumping.

“Many companies are too worried about giving away secrets or glimpses into products. We see this as the start of a?relationship?where respect for new?opinions?is paramount to the success of the company.?We also ask them to meet with all aspects of the production team ??we want them to be able to work with everyone,?not just in their siloed discipline.?

By contrast,?Tom Craig, co-founder of digital agency Impression, tries to steer clear of the traditional hiring haunts. He also explained that you shouldn’t feel confined to the office.

“As a rule, we stay away from recruitment agencies.?Additionally we do not adopt a ?typical? interview approach. We will often give potential candidates the opportunity to meet us for an ?introductory chat? in a nearby pub, bar or cafe.”

Similarly,?Richard Hanwell, associate director at The Sterling Choice, prefers to search for candidates in unlikely places. He’s?garnered success from hiring people in?the hospitality sector.?”We can teach recruitment, we cannot teach passion, character, etiquette and the desire to go the extra mile,” he said.

He also offered advice from his time in Asia, claiming the?Singaporean government was keen on pushing companies to hire from prisons,?specifically when it came to?offenders close?to the end of their sentence. Also, when in Hong Kong, he encouraged others to stop interviewing based on individuals CVs.

I advocate?an open day,?where you would look to secure 15-20 candidates. Then you can?replace a group interview with a group challenge.?It?s one thing to hear candidates say they?re good team players but?it?s quite another to see it in action. In this situation, the task need not be directly related to the job itself, but it will select?the team players as well as the natural leaders.”

You don’t need to go big to draw attention, but get those minds whirling and think of a way to alter your recruitment process ? even if only a little. After all, someone else is bound to make a splash, and possibly draw top talent away from you.

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