Urban Massage: Bringing the massage industry into the 21st century with a bang

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Name: Urban Massage
Industry/sector: Beauty
Date founded: 2014
Founder: Jack Tang and Giles Williams
Location: London

Jack Tang’s Urban Massage tale starts when he underwent a rigorous journey in the attempt of booking an appointment.

Both Tang and fellow co-founder Giles Williams were serial entrepreneurs at a young age ? 23 and 24 years old respectively. And this is already their second venture. After struggling to find a reputable service in London who offered a succinct booking process, they started their own and brought this once very dated industry into the 21st century with a bang.

The company is the first to deliver a spa quality massage service direct to your home within an hour of booking. Through the Urban Massage iPhone app, which had 3,000 downloads in its debut month, or the website, customers can efficiently book their massage with real-time availability.

?When I was finally able to book my treatment, I spoke with the therapist purely to understand the challenges the business ultimately faced and discovered that there were quality issues, logistic issues, etc,? said Tang.

?At the time I followed the Uber economy quite closely, understanding that consumer behaviour is shifting towards an ‘I want it now and I want it delivered’ mentality. This is something that Uber, which was founded on the collaborative consumption economy, did really well. They deliver services to people at a moment?s notice, a quality that was sorely lacking in the wellness, fitness and beauty sector.

“What’s more, on current services such as TaskRabbit and Bizzby you can order different services from the same place and quality scoring was based on peer-to-peer assessment. However, what if my perspective of a 5-star treatment is different to your perspective of 5-star? Once again, I had found something that was missing from the sector.

?So my vision was to combine the convenience of providing the on-demand personal services with our Urban Massage standard of treatments. The consumers ultimately dealing with our service standards know what the Urban Massage 5-star treatment is. We?ve positioned ourselves as high quality and convenient, catering for the time-poor professionals in Urban areas ? all over.?

Now backed by Passion Capital, Urban Massage has received critical acclaim from Tech Crunch, The Guardian, The Metro, The Sunday Mirror and The Sun.

?Connectivity is hugely important as our system is built entirely on live availability, the geographical tracking of our therapists and connecting each therapist with instant bookings as they are made,? the company explained. ?The system, which ties third-party API?s into its own algorithms, enables the efficient scheduling of on-demand treatments by providing the shortest travel routes to therapists.?

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