Urinal videogame company raises ?250k through crowdfunding

Captive Media‘s ?play as you pee? device, designed for pub and restaurant toilets, allows men to control the games using their ?stream.? 

The imaginatively named games, including ?Clever Dick? (a trivia game) and ?Art Splash? are interspersed with advertising.

Founders Mark Melford and Gordon Macsween reached their crowdfunding target just 27 days after listing on SyndicateRoom.

Angels including Peter Cowley and Mike Ulmman are investing ?142,500 of the cash, with the rest coming from smaller backers. 

Gon?alo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO of SyndicateRoom, said: ?The Dragons will rue the day they let this company slip through their fingers. 

“Two years after it launched, Captive Media has demonstrated its enormous potential, and its appeal to both professional and amateur investors seeking good returns.

?For it to reach 100 per cent of its investment target in barely three weeks speaks volumes about Captive Media?s great promise, and the desire of investors large and small to profit from exciting young businesses. 

“We are delighted to have brought them together, and wish them all every success.?

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