US beats UK on list of the 20 most marketable celebrities

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Researchers from the London School of Marketing are behind the study, which looked at the celebrities that have the most pull when it comes to securing sponsorships and advertising deals.

The US was far and away the most dominant country on the list and accounted for 17 out of 20 stars, with nine in the top ten.

Singer Beyonce is considered the most powerful and took the top spot, with her personal wealth, earnings through promotional activity and social media presence all used in the measurement. Indeed the term ?power couple? is demonstrated as rapper husband Jay Z also made the list at number 15.

TV royalty Oprah Winfrey was considered the second most powerful personal brand globally, with fellow talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon also on the top ten at four and nine respectively.

Coming as a surprise to nobody, face of reality TV Kim Kardashian ? it’s hard to know what she won’t sell ? was at number six and is said to have earned more income in 2014 than she had in her entire career, now able to demand $1m per endorsement and $10,000 per tweet.


Sofia Vergara was named the most influential actor, boasting contracts with Diet Pepsi, Head & Shoulders, AT&T and more, while the social media power of musicians meant the group accounted for the largest number of celebrities.

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Anton Dominique, chief marketing officer at the London School of Marketing, said: ?Now more than ever, celebrities rely on their personal brand as much as the talent which made them famous.

?Consumer trust remains a large element in what makes a celebrity?s personal brand so powerful, as is the size of the audience they appeal to.

?The most Googled female celeb in Britain, a cover star of Time Magazine?s 2014 100 most influential people list and the number one position holder on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Beyonc? is the epitome of celebrity influence, power and prestige.

Check out the full list of 20 stars below.

1.    Beyonc? Knowles
2.    Oprah Winfrey
3.    LeBron James
4.    Ellen DeGeneres
5.    Taylor Swift
6.    Kim Kardashian
7.    Roger Federer
8.    Sofia Vergara
9.    Jimmy Fallon
10.  Angelina Jolie
11.  Jennifer Lawrence 
12.  Katy Perry
13.  Jennifer Lopez
14.  Gisele B?ndchen
15.  Jay-Z
16.  Rihanna
17.  Victoria Beckham
18.  Dwayne Johnson
19.  Emma Watson
20.  Dr. Dre

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