US election: Four business leaders who ran for political office like Donald Trump

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US Election Carly FiorinaCarly Fiorina

Another new entry to the world of politics, Fiorina is the second in our list to have been CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She was there before Whitman, and was at the helm for six years until 2005.

Prior to that she had been a senior vice president at AT&T and a member o the US Space Commission. Upon leaving Hewlett-Packard, because of a forced resignation, Fiorina entered the political sphere and became part of Republication presidential nominee John McCain’s team in 2008. Her role centred mainly on fundraising, but she had to take a less public stance when she said on radio that none of the presidential candidates running for president in the US election were experienced enough to run a major corporation like Hewlett-Packard.

Leaving enough time between her chastening experience as chair of the fundraising committee, Fiorina rejoined the political sphere again in 2010 when she announced a bid for the Senate. As the candidate for California, she received endorsements from the likes of Sarah Palin and took on incumbent Barbara Boxer. She eventually lost by ten percentage points to Boxer, having contributed around $6.5m of her own money to the campaign.

Another four years passed before Fiorina was at it again, this time joining a swollen list of Republication candidates for the presidential US election. She used an appearance on Good Morning America to formally announced her candidacy, immediately going after Hilary Clinton.

However, her lack of appeal meant she never made it onto the prime-time debate slots, instead taking part in a separate one featuring outsider challengers. In March, Fiorina suspended her campaign and backed Texas senator Ted Cruz after which it was announced she d be his vice president running mate in a US election if he won the Republication nomination.

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