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Utilising Social Media as a Networking Tool

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Your online personal brand is a key tool in your networking arsenal. Your social media profiles are your opportunity to show off your relevant qualifications, projects, experience, and achievements.

They act as your landing pages for employers and connections, for people you meet at events, or by chance, to find out more about you and to build a more permanent contact you can regularly communicate with. Consistency is critical for every social media platform. It is easier for people to find you if you present a uniform image or style for all your accounts. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true for profiles that are not public nor intended for professional connections. 

So, which social media sites do we think you should pay particular attention to?


This is your first and likely your most important platform for building a professional network. Your LinkedIn helps you build relationships with people in your industries or working your dream job. Forging these connections and making an impact can lead to amazing opportunities.  

Try to make meaningful and intentional connections. It is very tempting to build a large network quickly on social media by connecting with any and everybody. It is highly unlikely that everyone you connect with will become a regular contact for you but, you should try to keep your connections within the industries you are or want to work in. If you are sending an invite to connect, take the time to personalise the message you can send alongside it, especially if you haven’t met or talk to the person before. To people who are especially well-known or who receive multiple connection requests per day, a personalised message could stand out amongst the masses and secure you that coveted industry connection.  

So, let’s say your request to connect has been accepted. How are you going to make people pay attention to you” How are you going to become memorable to your growing network”  

Be consistent with the content you share and post. You don’t necessarily need to constantly create posts and graphics for your profile but sharing your thoughts on articles and engaging with other people’s posts will keep your name in your network’s timelines.  


This is your chance to join relevant groups of people who either already work in your dream job or also aspire to build careers in similar industries. If you are trying to re-direct your current career path and enter an entirely new market, Facebook groups are a great way to start your search and gain knowledge about your new interest. Opportunities are constantly being shared on Facebook and can be a great platform to ask questions and gain advice on your area of interest.  


The app that took off during the COVID-19 pandemic as a space to host worldwide events and discussions. The platform is used purely for virtual talking, no sharing media or even texts between members of a room, making it a unique social media site. Currently you can only active a Clubhouse account with an invite from another active user but once your profile is up and running, you can join rooms hosted by celebrities, coaches, journalists, experts, and by people you are already connected to or want to meet.  

Join and engage in themed or industry events that are relevant to your career journey or you brand. Be bold and ask to be a speaker if you know you have something valuable to contribute to the presentation or discussion. Collaborate with others and be a co-host for an event and then when you are ready, host your own event for your network to attend.  

You could have the chance to make an impression on someone you admired.  


Creating a professional network takes time. However, social media is an excellent place to start curating a high-quality range of connections.  

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