Venture capital – the London vs the rest divide

Our sister title Real Deals reports today that, outside of London, almost all early-stage venture capital investment is conducted through public funding.

"The proportion of public funding going into venture-stage business reached 80 to 90 per cent of the total invested outside London and the south-east in 2008, according to the study by Professor Colin Mason of the University of Strathclyde’s Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Yannis Pierrakis of NESTA." Government initiatives such as teh Regional Venture Capital Funds, University Challenge Funds and Enterprise Growth Funds are now pretty much pervasive, it seems.Author Peter Kneller says he isn’t surprised or shocked by this news, but it does smack of a north-south (or, more accurately, London-the rest) divide in equity finance. Having spent the past couple of days in the north-west and heard   positive mutterings from the investment community about an increasing quality of the businesses they’re seeing, I’m pretty gobsmacked at the meagre level of support for SMEs shown by these numbers.

Your thoughts please. Yes, and from you, Pete.

Click here for Pete’s full story.

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