Name: Victor Malachard

Age: 37

Company: Adfonic. We’re a global mobile advertising display marketplace, running campaigns for big brands such as Tesco, Google, Groupon and Peugeot.

Turnover: We’re on track to deliver circa $10m in sales this year. We plan to grow that to $30m in 2012 and to more than $100m in 2013.

First job: Working as a press officer for an international IT business called Bull.

Dream job: Professional golfer.

Car: Alfa Romeo GT.

Economy, business or first class: Premium economy.

Most extravagant purchase: My house.

Most played song on iPod: “Mr Brightside” by The Killers.

Best business book: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson.

Worst business moment: I can’t single out the toughest moment. The brutal truth is that running a startup is tough. And building it during a global recession makes it even tougher. You have to be totally committed to the cause and probably need a little luck on the way too.

Proudest business moment: When Adfonic first served one billion ad impressions in one month (early last year). 

Business mentor: Gordon Shields, who founded telecoms and recycling business Shields Environmental. He grew his last venture Regenersis from a turnover of zero in 2000 to £100m and £6m profits before retiring as chairman in 2008. We approached Gordon as an adviser but he subsequently became an investor. 

Next big thing: HTML5 programming language. This will revolutionise the mobile internet.

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