Video: Karren Brady announced as Tory small business ambassador

Karren Brady, perhaps best-known for appearing in The Apprentice, yesterday announced that she will become the Coservative Party’s small business ambassador.

Brady, who made her name as MD of Birmingham City Football Club and is now Vice-Chairman of West Ham, made the announcement as she introduced the chancellor, George Osborne, to the stage at the Conservative Party Conference.

Brady said: “I passionately believe small businesses are the lifeblood of the British economy. I know the sacrifices you make because I’ve made them myself. The 60 hour weeks, juggling family life with business, life in the boardroom, the sports day.

?Staying awake at night, worrying about where you’re going to get your loans from tog row your business, how you’re going to pay your wage bill, and when you can take on your next employee.

?When you start a business, you’re everything to that business – you’re the MD the finance director, the marketing director, the receptionist and even the tea maker. And that can sometimes be lonely.

?But it is this government that stands by you and understands that without small businesses Britain would not be what it is today. Which is why I have agreed to become the Conservative Party’s small business ambassador.?

?I promise I will do all that I can to help promote and listen to all the people that don’t always have a voice.?

The announcement has further stoked rumours that Brady plans to run for parliament in the near future. 

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