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Let?s say you?re a multi-channel trader. You?ve been doing this for a while now, and you?re getting really good at it. You?re finding a way to make a living out of your knack for selling products through eBay and Amazon. 

You thought that doing this professionally would mean spending entire days bending metals, setting stones and soldering. But there?s so much more to running a business. Suddenly, you?re in charge of managing all your accounts, of processing all your orders, of chasing down lost packages and responding to customer enquiries.

This is tough for even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs. For those who are still finding their feet, the challenge can feel insurmountable. So it?s no wonder that so many ambitious entrepreneurs abandon their dreams.

But the thing is, when it comes to establishing yourself as an entrepreneur, there is a secret to success.

It?s all about how you manage your time. If you can manage your time correctly, you will become more efficient and more successful, without ever feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.

A scientific look at how allocating time can help grow a company

Are you wasting your time?

All those hours you spend painstakingly sourcing new products? That?s not wasted time. Because after all, you?d have no business to speak of if you didn?t have any products to sell.

But the creative side of your business is immensely time consuming. It?s so time consuming that you?ve no time to develop new products, to explore new markets and to find new customers. In short, you?ve no time to grow.

And creativity is exhausting. So it?s no wonder you?re missing so many deadlines and receiving so many customer complaints. And because you?re letting down so many customers, you?re struggling to turn a profit. You?ve had months where you?ve had to choose between buying food and buying new materials. It?s not pretty. It?s immensely frustrating.

But every single business has had to work through these scarily uncertain early days. The successful businesses are those that learn to effectively manage their time, those who ensure that all available resources are put to their best possible use.

You can discover the details on how to stop wasting time on the next page.

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