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How to stop wasting your time

Everything you do, from manufacturing your products to fulfilling your orders, is critical. But if you’re doing all of this manually, then you’re definitely wasting your time.
Theres one thing you can do that will transform your business overnight. It will singularly ensure that all of your deadlines are met, that all of your orders are processed, and that all of your customers are happy.

This one thing will help you to manage your stock, so youll never again oversell and struggle to meet orders. It will take off such a load that suddenly youll have loads of time to do what you do best spotting the hottest new product while finding new ways to grow.

And what is this one thing Well. Have you heard of enterprise resource planning

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Enterprise resource planning helps businesses to grow

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can help struggling entrepreneurs to blossom into the successful business you long to be.

ERP is a piece of software that enables you to manage all of your most vital resources in a single uncluttered dashboard. At the touch of a button you can monitor your inventory levels, process your invoices, manage your accounts and kindle your relationships with your customers.

ERP systems can also automate some of your most vital yet time consuming processes, such as fulfilling orders and managing your stock. As a result, youll be able to meet every single deadline, so you can expect the good reviews and the positive feedback to come flooding in.

This will win you a lot of new customers. But having freed up so much time through automating large parts of your business, youll no longer struggle to meet the increased demand.

Youll also be able to rest assured that youll never run out of stock, and youll even be able to make time to grow your business with new products for new markets.

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Whats the catch

Up until very recently, ERP systems were the exclusive reserve of larger businesses. This is because they used to cost quite a bit to install and run. Previously, if you wanted an ERP system, you needed to buy a server to store it on, which likely meant that you needed to pay a tech-specialist to keep everything running.
This made ERP systems prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

But recently, significant progress has been made in the world of cloud-based ERP systems. To cut a long story short, rather than hosting the system on your own server, you instead pay a subscription to access the software on a third-party server.

This means you dont have to pay all of the pricey upfront costs. Instead, you pay a perfectly manageable and surprisingly affordable monthly fee. And given how an ERP system can transform your business overnight, you can expect to make a return on your investment in no time at all.

OK, OK. Right now theres probably a niggling little voice at the back of your head warning you about security. Youve probably read some things that have lead you to conclude that the cloud simply isnt secure.

Its only natural that you might have these reservations. But rather than compromising your business,?the cloud can actually help you to make things more secure.

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Why do things the hard way

It is possible to run a successful business online without an ERP system.
But it’s tough out there. Far too many wonderful ideas come to nothing simply because ambitious entrepreneurs struggle to cope with the daily demands of doing business.

But it doesnt have to be this way. Invest in a cloud based ERP and you can fast-track your growth while making life considerably easier for yourself.

Youll never struggle to meet another order, and youll never lose sight of why you wanted to do this in the first place.

Make this one change, and overnight youll equip yourself with everything you need to meet your potential.

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Andy Richley is from Khaos Cloud



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