Want to make millions? Become an eBay entrepreneur

Almost 180,000 people are now making a living buying and selling on eBay, generating a stonking £2bn in sales.

The value of these eBay entrepreneurs matches the combined wealth of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Sir James Dyson.

“More and more individuals are establishing themselves as internet retailers," comments Mark Lewis, manager of eBay UK. "The start-up costs are almost non-existent and the opportunities to create and grow a business from nothing are enormous."

So where are these budding “bedroom entrepreneurs” based? In London? In the South East? Nope. The eBay capital is, in fact, the East Midlands. The highest concentration of eBay businesses is in Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

Londoners, get out your laptops and start eBaying.

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