Ways to improve your cash flow?

MyBuilderWhen stonemason Ryan Notz arrived from America in 2000, he was alarmed by the yawning gulf between customers, agencies and contractors in the UK. So he set up Mybuilder, a marketplace-style website to connect people who need building work done with skilled workmen. Tradesmen then fight it out to quote for your work. It’s free to submit job requests and Notz claims that 96 per cent of jobs get at least three quotes. Find out more: Mybuilder.com

Make it CheaperJane Stenning, founder of Hampshire-based kiln supplier Hobby Ceramicraft, says she saved £1,000 by switching electricity supplier via makeitcheaper.com. “I was left fuming when I looked at my business electricity bill,” she tells us. “As a long-standing customer of the supplier, I assumed we’d be rewarded for our loyalty. Instead, I was told we were locked in at a high rate and they didn’t seem interested in trying to help me. I used Make It Cheaper to find a much better rate: 9p instead of 14.8p.” Check it out: Makeitcheaper.com Basecamp Rather than install an expensive server and complicated intranet software, try BaseCamp. This lets you collaborate with colleagues and clients easily. You can share files, manage schedules and set up project sub-sites. The single-user version is free or it’s $24 a month for the basic version, which allows an unlimited number of users to work on up to 15 projects. Visit: BasecampHQ.com

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