“We don’t feel welcome in Britain,” say top UK entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs including Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital, Simon Wajcenberg of Clash Media, Michael Buckley of Cashcade and Al Gosling of Extreme International – who, between them, have created tens of thousands of jobs in the UK and provided hundreds of millions of pounds of tax receipts – write that business owners “no longer feel welcome in a country run by Mr Brown”.

They believe that the increasing tax burden and red tape has turned Britain into “hostile territory for entrepreneurial businesses”.

And Lib Dem’s policies are even more dangerous, they claim. “Mr Clegg’s proposed increases in capital gains tax would strange inward investment into the UK by making it the least attractive place to build or expand new businesses.”

While the “Clegg effect” has wooed many voters (and eaten into David Cameron’s Conservatives’ once comfortable poll lead), this bunch of entrepreneurs call Lib Dem’s policies “short-sighted in the extreme”, saying they would lead to reduced growth and higher unemployment.

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